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Labrys Oy is the launch company for InfiniSpring®. The company was established in 2019 by Samuel Suvanto based on his mechanical spring innovation. The spring shape led to the company name Labrys Oy.

Even before starting Labrys Oy, Samuel was bothered by the complexity of current spring solutions.  He wondered if a spring solution could be an integral part of existing steel structures. This led to spring design development and Samuel performed thousands of optimization trials. At the outcome of this process Samuel came up with the optimal high performing spring shape and this is how this new spring design was born.

Since then the company has been granted a three-year Leader YHYRES start-up funding in 2019 to further develop the spring and to prepare Labrys Oy for commercial operation. Our target is to start commercial operations in 2021. Tero Lokasaari joined Labrys Oy in 2020 to boost development and sales.

Through the Leader YHYRES start-up funding, development has progressed in a structured manner. The spring has been patented, tested, and validated from performance and durability viewpoints. Manufacturing and surface treatment options have been tested and validated. Initial customers have been contacted and the first spring applications with integration were developed with these customers. Simultaneously webpages have been developed. The spring has been branded as InfiniSpring®. The new name InfiniSpring®, with infinite in it, matches the spring shape, recyclability, and technical performance.

Our target is to build our entrepreneurial skills and expand utilization of this new innovative spring to all possible applications.

Samuel Suvanto

Technical / Chairman

Samuel Suvanto

Samuel is the person with the advanced level technical skills. He has both the theoretical knowledge and the hands-on skills. With this combination great engineering achievements are possible. Samuel’s work record started in 2011 when he completed his Mechanical Engineering MSc Thesis on energy business technology. After the thesis he continued in energy business technology and developed advanced skills in the field of structural dynamics and machine design.

Samuel loves sharing knowledge and educating others. In 2017 Samuel moved onwards and started teaching mechanical engineering. He has continued teaching since then. In addition to teaching, Samuel loves to develop new products. This led him to establishing Labrys Oy. InfiniSpring® will surely not be his last innovation.

Tero Lokasaari

Sales / CEO

Tero Lokasaari

Tero’s work background started in 2005 when he began working with industrial fans. He completed his MSc thesis in mechanical engineering at that time and continued his work in industrial fan research and development. In 2009, he moved to energy business technology. He met Samuel in 2011 and they worked together for several years. During this time, he expanded his analytical and business skills.

His technical skills are advanced in structural dynamics. He enjoys problem solving with customers and developing collaborative solutions.  For him, it was an easy decision to join Labrys Oy and, with Samuel, promote the value proposition that InfiniSpring® offers.

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