InfiniSpring® simplifying structures



New patented spring, which can be integrated into existing structures by easily customized cutting. Read More By purchasing an InfiniSpring® License you can design and innovate products with InfiniSpring®. The License provides all necessary data for spring design. More information can be found on the Product and the Shop pages. Read Less



If you are familiar with the sheet metal cutting and have a production process ready, you can be your own spring manufacturer with exceptionally low spring costs. Read More By purchasing an InfiniSpring® License you can design and manufacture your products utilizing InfiniSpring®. You do not need to buy springs or elastic mounts and manage their supply chain. You can simply manufacture springs together with other steel fabrication. More information can be found on the Shop page, where licensing is presented in more detail. Read Less



Spring endurance can be optimized for different conditions: cold, heat, sunlight, moisture, etc. Read More Varied spring sizes and material choices can be chosen for different requirements. InfiniSpring® does not require servicing as a result of aging. The endurance is infinite in typical vibration isolation and shock absorption applications. InfiniSpring® aims for longevity. Read Less



Highly flexible in all directions and efficient both in compression and tension. Read More InfiniSpring® functions perfectly as a spring hanger and it can be installed in vertical or transversal or longitudinal positions. InfiniSpring® with high flexibility offers top level vibration isolation from structure borne noise. More detailed information can be found on the InfiniSpring® Datasheet found on the Product page and on the References and Tests page. Read Less



All steel spring with infinite circularity of the material. Read More Separate springs are entirely avoided with the use of the integrated InfiniSpring®. This makes it the most sustainable solution for vibration isolation and shock absorption. Read Less



Vibratec Oy Shaker Table with Integrated Springs

Vibratec Oy is an expert company focused on vibrating technics. Labrys Oy introduced the new InfiniSpring® design to Vibratec Oy CEO Aimo Immonen and Design Engineer Markku Immonen. This led to a new shaker table development project with the integration of InfiniSpring®.



Koja Oy Fan Unit with Integrated Springs

Koja Oy is a family-owned company offering customers intelligent and energy efficient HVAC systems, air handling systems and industrial fan solutions. Antti Häyrynen from Koja Oy saw the potential in the InfiniSpring® integration and a new fan unit design was targeted to utilize InfiniSpring®.


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