1. Design and Manufacturing License: You can design products utilizing InfiniSpring® and manufacture all available separate spring sizes and spring products through this license. Your company can be an engineering office, a factory, a research center, a university or a private entrepreneur. More information can be found by clicking the license agreement below. Please choose the license based on your location EU, USA or Other location. 

2. Separate Springs: You can buy separate springs and spring products directly from Labrys Oy. More detailed information can be found by clicking the spring illustration below. For the spring mounts and vibration isolation platforms please contact us separately. These products are not yet available through the Shop, but available from us.

Technical Data Sheets are available on the product page.

In case offered license options do not fit your need please contact us separately. 
For higher spring volumes or special spring sizes please contact us separately. 
VAT 0 % [except VAT 24 % added in Finland for separate springs (for license VAT 24 % is already included in Finland).]   

Design and Manufacturing License

Separate Springs

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