The Spring Shop below is not currently active, but all InfiniSpring® Products are available through us.


  • The Product page explains our offering. Datasheet and Product Cards are also available there.
  • All InfiniSpring® Products can be also found from below and they are explained in more detail on the Reference page.
Please contact us directly for more information in case of any questions.



1. Buy springs from us: You can buy InfiniSpring® springs and spring products directly from us. More detailed information can be found from the product page. Please contact us for the InfiniSpring® springs and spring products. 

2. Manufacturing License: You can manufacture all InfiniSpring® springs and spring products with the Manufacturing License. Please contact us for the Manufacturing License options. 

3. Design License: You can design and manufacture products utilizing InfiniSpring® springs. You can for example design innovative products utilizing InfiniSpring®-spring integration. Please contact us for the Design License options. 

4. Design Services: We are happy to support you with any product development needs. We have high competences in machine design and structural dynamics. We also have long experience from advanced level finite element analysis and can even support with simulation procedure developments. We have CAD and Finite element analysis software in use. Please contact us for the Design Services.

Design and Manufacturing License

Separate Springs

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