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Design and Manufacturing License:

The license is offered for a five year license period with a total cost of 10000 €. The license gives you the tools for designing products utilizing InfiniSpring®. It allows you to manufacture all available spring sizes through the license agreement for new products in a factory located outside of EU and USA for the purchased five year license period. Through the license agreement you get following:

  • Live online training (in English)
  • Instructions and requirements for design and manufacturing
  • Requirements for quality control
  • Detailed technical performance data for all spring models
  • Spring CAD-models for design use (for separate and integrated springs)
  • Spring CAD-models for spring manufacturing (dxf drawings for the cutting machine)
  • New product design and manufacturing rights for the license period

Note: Offered spring models and the performance data can be found from the Product page with the Technical Datasheet. Instructions and other data is provided in SI-units and European Standards.

License Agreement is shown below.


Design and Manufacturing License Agreement:

  • Right to design new products utilizing InfiniSpring®. New product includes established product designs which are redesigned using InfiniSpring®.
  • Right to manufacture new products utilizing InfiniSpring® in a factory located outside of EU and USA. Factory details are as specified in the agreement.
  • Right to manufacture and use InfiniSpring® for aftersales arising from the new products manufactured earlier. Requires valid License Agreement.
  • Rights are valid for a five year license period starting from the date the data package is delivered electronically.

Note: If you have multiple facilities you need to purchase a license for each location. Factory can use subcontracts for cutting.

Read the entire License Agreement here.

By purchasing the License Agreement you accept the License Agreement terms and conditions.

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