Concrete inertia bases provide vibration isolation for many types of equipment such as rotating machines. By utilizing InfiniSpring®-springs concrete inertia bases can be designed as pure sheet metal components for different applications and requirements. We made a centrifugal pump concrete inertia base design shown below in Figure 1. The design work was very easy using readily available InfiniSpring® CAD models and the design work took only two hours.

Figure 1. Concrete inertia base with integrated InfiniSpring®-springs.

The centrifugal pump is installed rigidly on the concrete inertia base and with added mass the center of gravity of the centrifugal pump unit is lowered. Installation reduces equipment vibration, decreases motions during start and shut-down, prevents movement between the electric motor and the centrifugal pump and functions as a structure borne noise isolator. InfiniSpring® concrete inertia base is efficient and simple way for installing mechanical equipment resiliently.

InfiniSpring® concrete inertia base together with the springs can be manufactured using single steel fabricator and no assembly is required. Below is a link to a video explaining the design process in short.



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