Heat pumps and air conditioners are used in many households today for cooling and heating. InfiniSpring®-spring isolators can be used for the heat pumps and air conditioners to reduce vibration and noise. We introduced wooden support bracket for the air heat pump outdoor units earlier. We have now building instructions available for building the support bracket. Total material cost is around 25-30 €.

In the building instruction we have included two spring isolator options for the outdoor unit floor stands to take into account different outdoor unit weights. We recommend to use three spring isolators for the outdoor unit. Outdoor units for cooling purposes weight typically above 20 kg and can be equipped using three 3HS10 Isolators. Outdoor units for heating & cooling purposes weight typically above 40 kg and can be equipped using three 3HS20 Isolators.

InfiniSpring® 3HS10 Isolator is manufactured using 3 mm plate thickness spring and the spring is made using only one loop portion to make it optimal for smaller weight cooling purpose outdoor units, 15-30 kg. Figure 1 below shows the 3HS10 spring isolator design.

Figure 1. InfiniSpring® 3HS10 Isolator with one loop portion for loads 5-10 kg (cooling units)


InfiniSpring® 3HS20 Isolator is manufactured using 3 mm plate thickness spring design and consist of two loop portions to make it optimal for heavier heating & cooling purpose outdoor units, 30-60 kg. Figure 2 below shows the 3HS20 spring isolator design.

Figure 2. InfiniSpring® 3HS20 Isolator with two loop portions for loads 10-20 kg (heating & cooling units)

Using these two InfiniSpring® Isolator sizes it is possible to build high vibration and noise isolation performance floor stands for the heat pump and air conditioner outdoor units. Following materials need to be purchased with following cost estimates. 

3HS10 or 3HS20 Isolators: 3 pcs (15 €)

Wood: 48×48 tai 48×98 wood, altogether around 3,8 meters

For the floor stand: 6x45cm (transversal parts & foots) + 2x100cm (longitudinal parts) + 4x10cm (support blocks) + 4x~50cm (upper frame, more exact dimensions are informed in instruction points 1 &2)

(Total wood cost 48×48: 1,49 €/m x 3,8 m = 5,662 € or 48×98: 2,75 €/m x 3,8 m = 10,45 €)

Screws for the frame parts: 5x90mm sunk head screws ~ 30 pcs

Screws for the outdoor unit: 10x50mm head screws & M10 washers 4 pcs

Isolator screws: 5×40 mm pan head screws 12 pcs, M5 washers 24 pcs

(All screws cost around < 5 €)

TOTAL COST: 25-30 €

You can find below shown building instruction for the household heat pumps and air conditioners from the Product page: Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Floor Stand Building Instruction Product Card. You can buy the spring isolators directly from us through contacting us. For industrial size much heavier heat pumps and air conditioners we have bigger size spring isolators available and please contact us directly for any isolator needs. 

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